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This is the first in an occasional series of “Top 5 Resources” posts.  Each of these posts will propose a list of the top 5 resources for a particular category or issue, and ask you to suggest others if I’ve missed something that you think should be in the top five.  I’ll revisit and revise these lists from time to time, based on any input received in the comments on the posts.

The objective of these lists is to help compile an efficient reference and resource list for people working in philanthropy – people who work for or with grantmakers or grantseekers – in keeping with PhilanTech’s mission to help social sector organizations maximize social impact.  These lists, modified with any good suggestions received through comments, will be added to the Resources section of the PhilanTech website.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 resources for finding grant opportunities:

  1. Foundation Center
  2. The Foundation Center is a national nonprofit that provides information about the foundation world to the philanthropic sector and others who want to learn about it.  The Foundation Center maintains a database of the more than 98,000 grantmaking institutions in the U.S., drawn from their tax forms, other public documents, and voluntary reports submitted by foundations.  It offers subscription-based access to its Foundation Directory Online (FDO); the FDO can also be searched for free in any of the Foundation Center’s libraries or cooperating collections.

  3. GrantStation
  4. GrantStation is an online funding resource for organizations seeking grants throughout the world.  A subscription-based service, GrantStation provides up-to-date, researched information about current funding opportunities.  Grantseekers can search for foundation, state government and federal government funding opportunities, in addition to international funding opportunities.  GrantStation also publishes the GrantStation Insider, a weekly update of current funding opportunities, grant-related training opportunities and more.  Note: the Insider is sent at no charge to all subscribers to PhilanTech’s free mailing list.

  5. CharityChannel
  6. CharityChannel is an online community for charity professionals in which articles and book reviews are published by nonprofit sector professionals.  Available for a small subscription fee, the resources in CharityChannel include Don Greismann’s Grant Opportunities.  Don Greismann publishes a weekly e-newsletter that includes current funding opportunities, and has written prolifically about grant opportunities, and the tools of the trade.

  8. is the clearinghouse for Federal government grant opportunities.  Applicants can search for current opportunities and can apply for Federal funding opportunities.

  9. GrantsAlert
  10. GrantsAlert is a free, ad-supported, website that lists grant opportunities, with a particular emphasis on education grant opportunities for nonprofits, schools, and districts.

There are other research organizations that provide current information about local or issue-oriented grant opportunities, like Jankowski Research in the DC/MD/VA area (where PhilanTech is headquartered).

What are your favorite resources for finding grant opportunities?  Add your favorites to the comments below.

(Full disclosure: GrantStation is a PhilanTech partner.  We like them a lot.  And I’m on the Foundation Center’s DC Library Advisory board.  Both organizations are great resources for grantseekers and for the philanthropic sector at large.)


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Author: Dahna Goldstein
June 10, 2010, 12:00 PM

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