The State of Grantseeking Report Fall 2015

While lack of time and/or staff continues to be the greatest grantseeking challenge, there has been a 267% increase in competition for grant funding as the greatest grantseeking challenge.  Over 2,400 respondents to the Fall 2015 State of Grantseeking survey help paint a picture of the current conditions faced by grantseeking organizations.

Some other key findings from the most recent State of Grantseeking Survey include:

  • Private foundations continue to be the most frequent funding source, the largest total source of funding, and the source of the largest single grant for most organizations.  Organizations with budgets over $25 million, however, rely more heavily on Federal government grants;
  • While most grants include some indirect or administrative cost funding, 44% of Federal government grants and 51% of non-government grants included indirect rates of 10% or less;
  • While 89% of organizations reported that some or all of their funders require outcomes reporting, 34% reported that those funders never cover impact measurement costs.

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State of Grantseeking Fall 2015